Consulting On Enterprises:

    A. Enterprise Registration  

    When setting up an enterprise, during mergers and acquisitions of domestic enterprises, foreign investors shall comply with the Chinese laws, administrative regulations and departmental rules and shall not create excessive concentration, eliminate or hinder competition, disturb the social economic order or harm the societal public interests, or lead to the loss of state-owned assets, the requirements regarding the investors' qualifications and industrial, land and environmental protection policies as set forth in the laws, administrative regulations and departmental rules. In order to facilitate your registration so it may proceed smoothly, we act as a committed partner agency to help officially and efficiently launch your business in China.


    B. Trademark Registration

    Trademark is a valuable intangible asset, we help registering them for upstream and downstream firms at home and aboard with an easy and hassle-free application process.


    C. Investment Policy  

    Our team of talented professionals and political experts give advice concerning the optimal tax allowance/rebate and compensation. Our work pace is based on the clients' demands, granting you some preferential policies and terms, we then display the profiles of the investment environments in the different trade zones.


    D. Accounting and HR

    a) Accounting consulting or agency services:

    1. Intra-company accounting affairs like receipts and payments through bank based on fixed approval process of client’s company.

    2. Intra-company financial accounting based on China Accounting Principle.

    3. Financial statements, tax reports, end-of-year declaration, external audit, monthly and annual tax declarations.


    b) Tax affairs consulting or agency services:

    Our consulting offers the best solution for tax fund calculation in the different categories of your choice. We also assist you in the preparation of monthly and annual tax declarations in accordance to the Chinese laws and regulations.


    c)  HR & administration consulting or agency services

    1. Opening and Closing of Accounts: Social security, Fund Accumulation, Residence Permits.

    2. Recruiting: Customizable recruitment based on ADP’s head-hunting network.

    3. Employment permits and Visa Application for Foreigners in P.R.C.

    4. Additional Administrative and HR Assistance based on clients’needs.




Consulting On Supply Chain:

To maximize your profit margin, we design and optimize tailor-fitted supply chain solutions for your specific purpose, market characteristics and performance objectives.

A. Designing of the Supply Chain System.

B. Optimization, Integration and Remodeling of the Supply Chain System.

C. Implementation Guarantee of Supply Chain Solutions.



Consulting On China's Government Regulations:

A. China Customs Policies

a) Customs regulations for import and export procedures, commodity classification and declaration.

b) Customs regulations for Entry– Exit inspection and quarantine.

c) Customs' regulations for license management.

d) Customs' regulations on supervision and control of processing trade commodities.

e) Protection of intellectual property rights.


B. China's Tax Policies  

a) Make investors aware of tax liabilities.

b) Assist with defining the tax related items.

c) Analyze the tax/duty/GST : calculate Allowable Tax Credit, Assessment of Tax, Asset Tax, Business Tax, Capital Tax,  Dividend Tax, Estimated Income Tax Payable, I/E Tax or Relief, Fine for Tax Overdue/Makeup, Franchise Tax, Free of Income Tax, Income Tax Benefit/Credit /Exemption(Payable/Prepaid), Individual Tax, Property Tax Payable, Accrued Taxes,Tax Withheld, Tax-free Profit, Transaction Tax, Withholding Statement, etc.

d) Consolidate a strong relationship with the Tax Authority, Tax Audit collaboration in order to avoid Tax Loss and achieve tax savings.



Consulting On Sourcing:

A. Credit Investigation

The analysis involves the vendor's history and background, financial status, current operation, credit record, reputation, goodwill, etc. We also cooperate with famous business consulting organizations like D&B, SINOSURE, CCPIT, and TOPEASE.


B. Supplier Recommendation

With the purpose of integrating the analytical hierarchy process and linear programming in the long run, we compare and contrast tangible and intangible elements as well as qualitative and quantitative factors among the potential suppliers.


C. Analysis of Purchasing Prices in China

We conduct our price charting through a selection of the 10 biggest loading ports and take into account factors that can potentially change prices such as material costs, labor costs, transportation costs, quality, efficiency, transaction frequency, their overseas buyers, volume in nearest months, even historic transaction data, culture, business ethics, etc., presenting potential suppliers for you to choose.


Consulting On Industrial Analysis:

We help investors make the best decisions by providing a more economical and practical procurement process, and provide both general and specific in-depth analysis of market trends from different perspectives, concentrating on specific issues (peak season analysis, trading countries ratio analysis, market trend analysis, trade volume analysis,  industrial forecast analysis etc.) to help you make the right decisions.


A. Industrial Competition

Primary analysis of average price level from the different industrial concentration areas based on Customs data.


B. Industrial Forecasting

After analyzing the gathered data: industrial value chain profile (position, role, value-adding, pricing), annual demands and market share in terminal markets, technological innovation, political and labor cases, material cost , present fundamental forecasting information.


C. Enterprise Research

Comparing with historical sequence of price (monthly or annually), we can display the scale, equipment, production capacity of enterprises, and contrast the peak season from the low season, enabling the procurement in low season to save costs.



A. Credit Investigation

On-site audit for you, to ensure the performance of the selected supplier.

Our criteria are as follow:

a) Supplier scale, qualification, capacity and operating machinery, assembly line , equipment inspection.

b) Adopted Technology and Innovation.

c) Quality Assurance.

d) Delivery time and follow-up management.

e) Implemented Social Liability.

B.  Business Trip Arrangement

1. Cost saving

Reduce overall travel expenses through optimization of the schedule and arrangements.

2. Time saving

Streamline your business trip to save your time with our streamlined solutions for the whole organization of the business trip.

3. Customized Service

Considerations: accommodation, preferred dining tastes or habits and other personal preferences to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

C.  Business Negotiation Assistance

Offer a complete "done-for-you negotiation and mediation" which brings you the best deal with the maximum benefits, efficiency and satisfaction.

Professional bilinguals accompany you or are there on your behalf for business negotiations.

Sufficient negotiation material presentation with certain strategy and tactic analysis brings the brilliant deal in return.

D. Contract Review and Risks Warning

ADP Group has its own law firm, Shanghai J&J Law Firm, which offers legal support for your business in China, ensuring legitimacy, efficiency while minimizing risks. We Cover:

a. Assistance in the preparation/ formulation of documents, contracts.

b. Contract negotiation.

c. The contract assessment in all its aspects.

d. Risks forecast and professional suggestion.

e. Design and Optimization of legal solutions when necessary




A. Negotiation and Feedback on Emergencies

Emergencies frequently occur throughout the business process: shipment delays, quality discrepancy and defects, etc. With over 10 years of experience, our team of experts provides professional localized solutions for customers facing unseen emergency situations so risks and losses can be reduced to a minimum.


B. Supervision over Production and Delivery

Every step of the production process is supervised: raw materials inspection, production schedule arrangement, and achievement of the specifications required, proper inner QC measures, delivery time assurance, components and accessories verification.




A. Legal Support

ADP acts as legal counsel, providing professional services through ADP's own Law Firm, a team of specialists with over 10 years of experience in civil law, trade law, marine law, etc., for the disputes that may arise from the execution of contract or conflicts that cannot be settled by negotiation.


B. After-Sales Tracking

Maintain the relationship with different suppliers and associates, focusing on supplying them with the understanding of your situation and issues to fulfill your expectations.

Export Service:

A. Providing Business Financing Services
Our business financing services allow clients to reinvest export sales proceeds within their timely needs;

Clients Receive a cash advance for an expected payment under Documentary Collection;

Improve export cash flow and offer more payment options to customers without having a negative impact on cash flow.


B. Export Tax Rebate---VAT and GST 
Paid tax can be refunded within three working days after export, saving three to six months of your time.
For more liquidity, the cycle of investments would be available with export tax rebate---VAT and GST, and can bring your profits up by 5-20%.


C. Transportation Management 
ADP offers a variety of containerized shipping: FCL, LCL, and refrigerated containers, etc. by integrating high-grade resources, with over 70 logistics service outlets around the world.
a) Global Projects:International Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Rail Freight, Integrated Logistics, Non-vessel Carrier integrated logistics
b) China Domestic Transportation: Inland, Air and Sea Forwarding and Transportation
c) Oversized Cargo Transportation
d) Multimodal Transportation ----Door to Door Service
e) Export Customs Declaration and Inspection
f) Outstanding Logistics: Customized Logistics, Automobile Logistics, Trade Fair Logistics, Chemical and Dangerous Goods Logistics and FTZ Logistics


D. Customs Declaration Documentation Support
Our business integrity enabled us to build a good reputation and be on good terms with Customs, Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Ningbo, Guangzhou, and many other ports. Our services include:

a) Documents Required for General Trade Customs Declaration
b) Certificate of Origin(FORM A, FORM E, FORM F, FTA, FORM M ,others)
c) Legalization by Embassy or Consulate
d) Commodity Inspection Certificates



Import Service:

With a team of professionals in import service and over 70 branches across the world, ADP provides a wide range of import services, ensuring that your business is handled efficiently and within time restrictions.


A. Business Financing Services
Our services in the financing sector extend directly into our importing services. Clients have full financial benefits in our importing service and gain benefits:
a) Financial flexibility and liquidity                                                    
b) Reputation gain with timely payments to suppliers 
c) Possibility to extend customers credit period under Documentary Credits and Documentary Collections
ADP banking and financial services includes:
1. Issuance of L/C at sight, Usance L/C, Transferable L/C, Back to back L/C
2. Exchange Rate Risks Control
3. Issuance of Bank Guarantee Letter
4. Loan Against Documents
5. Inventory Financing, Discounting, Forfeiting
6. Import Financial and Intermediary Settlement 


B.Customs Clearance Management
The experience of nearly 20 years with our parent corporation has enabled us to build a good reputation among customs and related organizations. Our effective customs clearance service makes the whole process hassle-free for our customers.
a) Pay Duty, Tax 
We Proceed with the payment for Duty, Tax in compliance with your instructions.
b) Obtain VAT and/or GST Invoice 
Proper documentation and invoicing help significantly reduce material costs.


C. Transportation Management 
ADP provides various types of containerized shipping: FCL, LCL, and refrigerated containers, etc., which support Overseas and Domestic Transportation, Multi-modal Transport and other complex Logistics.
ADP transportation services covers:
a) Global Projects:International Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Rail Freight, Integrated Logistics, Non-vessel Carrier
b) China  Domestic Transportation: Inland, Air and Sea Forwarding and Transportation
c) Oversized Transportation
d) Multimodal Transportation ----Door to Door Service
e) Export Customs Declaration and Inspection
f) Special Logistics: Customized Logistics, Automobile Logistics, Trade Fair Logistics,Chemical and Dangerous Goods Logistics and FTZ Logistics


D. Customs Clearance Documentation Support
Supply of the necessary documents to easily clear customs for you via our cooperation with Customs and Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in China, Examples of documentation support are as follows:
a) Documents Required by Customs
b) China Compulsory Certification, CCC
c) Certificate of Exemption from CCC Certification 
d) Import License of The People's Republic of China ,for Mechanical & Electrical Products
e) Import License of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
f) Certification of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
g) Pesticide and Battery Registration Certificate


International Settlement:

A. Issue L/C at sight, Usance L/C 
Handle all the paperwork for both L/C at sight and Usance L/C, after completing your L/C issuance applications.
B. Issue Transferable L/C, Back to Back L/C 
Enable your supplier or agent to leverage the strength of the L/C when purchasing from their suppliers.
C. Remittance, D/P, D/A
Monitor collections on your behalf to help get paid quickly, receive up-to-date status reports on the bill and help prompt payment.
D. Exchange Rate Risks Control
Protect your business from the fluctuations of international currencies.

E. Offstore settlement



Financing Services:

A. Issue Bank Guarantee Letter 
B. Loan Against L/C
C. Loan Against Documents
D. Inventory Financing
E. Discount, Forfeiting
F. Import Financial and Intermediary Settlement 
Our system addresses the underlying commercial risks and political risks, including non-payment, buyer default, exchange rate and interest rate fluctuation. This service enables you to seize business opportunities through improved cash flow; to improve the reputation of your business with timely payments to suppliers; to strengthen your negotiating position with suppliers by accepting payment terms quickly.



Consultancy and Solutions for Supply Chain Financing:

We build an interactive and cooperative platform linking companies and banks; offering services ranging from consulting, process diagnosis, and tailor the best-fitted supply chain solutions for enterprises according to their needs and circulating funds.

A. Create Efficient Financial Platforms for Customers
Establish efficient financial platforms for you thanks to our good reputation with banks such as Bank of China, HSBC, Bank of Communications, and China Merchants Bank.


B. Financial Consulting 
A team of global trade and finance specialist support your international trade business to reach the global market successfully.


C. Process Design
Tailor the best-fitted, complete and effective solutions for enterprises, with process diagnosis or your need for circulating fund.


D. Customizing and Implementing Financial Solutions 
With over 70 offices at home and abroad, we are right where you need us to be - at the local level. One submit gives you direct access to your financial solutions.


E. Loan in Supply Chain
Multiple loan solutions to meet all your financial demands.
a) Export Finance
Provide export financing solutions to meet your specific requirements at the different stages in the trade cycle. With that process, we lower risks related to trade partners, and improve cash flow.
b) Import Loans
Bridge the gap between payments to your suppliers and proceeds from sales, maximize the flexibility of your cash flow and help you seize new business opportunities.
c) Shipping Guarantees
Get custody of the goods before obtaining the bill of lading; ensure your business runs smoothly despite logistical problems which might be out of your control.

Sourcing at Supplier Selection Stage:

A. Supplier Selection
Documentation survey, factory visiting, identification and evaluation with the “10 Cs” (competency, capacity, commitment, control, cash, cost, consistency, culture, clean, communication), which help you understand how suppliers can meet your requirements; so as to identify the right suppliers.

B. Manufacturer Inspection Services

ADP investigates the following elements: credit, social responsibility, quality system, equipment, its staff qualifications, etc., as per client's requirements.
C. Supplier Assessment Report



Sourcing at Negotiation Stage:

A. Supplier Determination 

Integrate analytical hierarchy process and linear programming as the basis of a supplier's audit, with the pricing analysis, we compare and contrast tangible and intangible elements as well as qualitative and quantitative factors, providing detailed recommendations to help you make your choice.

B. Business Negotiation 

Depending on the negotiation approach and the existing cost estimations, we help you save 10-30% on operation costs.
ADP offers a complete "done-for-you negotiation and mediation" which will help further reduce costs.

C. Contract Settlement

By internalizing and fully understanding your demands, avoiding misunderstandings, we analyze and assist you to build a partnership with suppliers based on transparency. 
Future disputes with suppliers or sellers will be more easily solved and processed as the contract will be under the name of ADP.



Sourcing at Supplier Management Stage:

A. Production Progress and Quality Management

Internal inspections ensure every stage of the production process is consistent with the PO, therefore minimizing the potential risks before the delivery. 
1. Pre-check of materials and components/parts, accessories.
2.Close evaluation of product quality, packing, surface, quantity,accuracy ; Security detection and functional testing.
3. Help the factory better understand the order.
4. Monitor the factory 'sinternal QC system.
5. Guarantee timely delivery.
Control the rhythm of deliveries to make sure the suppliers deliver the products on time.

B. Logistics Management 

ADP Logistics, which ranked 14th out of the top 100 logistics companies in China, handles a vast range of industrial projects, from infrastructure projects, to major energy projects, and even petroleum industry logistics.

Featured services:
a. The analysis and design of multi-modal transportation solutions 
b. The optimization of current logistic solution, and integration of business resources at-home and aboard.
c. Pick-up and packaging, Container loading and unloading
d. Transport (by sea, air, rail)

C. In-time Coordinate of Emergencies

D. Supplier Relationship Follow-up

A collaboration strategy focused on the understanding of each other with effective communication on weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Pre-production Inspection:

ADP has excellent in-depth knowledge of Western & Asian business requirements which help protect our clients' interests.Our comprehensive experience and knowledge of quality control has earned us the reputation of being the most reliable inspection service provider, to monitor correct fulfillment of Purchase Orders and to ensure that the merchandise evaluated by ADP meets all specified requirements.  ADP has developed excellent business relationships with companies from all around the world. We are your eyes and ears to monitor your suppliers in China.

A. Pre-Production Inspection
Before the actual production begins, ADP will counter check the raw materials, components, accessories and semi-produced products to detect any potential defect. 


B. During Production Inspection
It is usually carried out when 10-15% of goods are completed. ADP inspects the production batch and the products in the line for possible defects. We provide on-site testing for raw materials and samples (XRF scan) on Request.
ADP identifies deviations, if any, and offers advice on the corrective measures that are necessary to ensure a uniform batch of product with good quality. ADP will also re-check defects discovered in pre-production inspection and confirm if they have been rectified.  


C. Final Random Inspection/Pre-shipment Inspection
Final Random Inspection starts when the merchandise is 100% finished, and at least 80% of the products are ready and packed. ADP checks safety, quantity, workmanship, function, color, size, packing, etc.
With this service, ADP ensures that the function and appearance of products are satisfactory and consistent with the requirements and specifications defined by the customer.


D. Pre-shipment Full Inspection 

Upon customer demand, all the cargo will be inspected by our care before it is loaded.


E. Supervision of Loading
ADP monitors the loading process, checks quantities and ensures the proper handling of the cargo. The checked container(s) will then be sealed with ADP lock. With this service, ADP helps you reduce the importation risks of important cargos.


F. Production Monitoring
1.ADP's inspector will be the QA of the factory and explain client requirements to the factory staff.
2.Every day, products on the production line will randomly be checked and a daily report will be issued.
3.Check that the production plan is consistent with the client's requirements. 
4.Give technical advice during the monitoring.  


Product Inspection:

Product Classification of ADP inspection service:


Soft Goods:

Fabric, Garment , Home Textile , Bedding Products, Shoes, Caps, Bags, Sportswear
Electrical & Electronic Items IT Products, Home Applications, Electrical Vehicles, Beauty Products, Electrical Audio and Videos, Lightings, Electrical Tools , Remote Control Toys, IT 

Hard Goods:
Toys, Furniture, Tools, Giftware, Porcelain, Promotional Items, Kitchen Ware, Sporting Products, Christmas Items, Stationery
Food Edible Oil, Rice, Vegetables, Fruits, etc.

PCB boards, Mechanical Items, Facility Fittings, Machinery Parts, etc. 



Factory Inspection:

ADP offers customized audit services according to your specific requirements in order to help you choose an appropriate supplier.
ADP evaluates the real situation of the factory, including quality, environment, hazardous substances control, social responsibility, working conditions, and behavior criterion of the operation, etc.
To have more competitive advantages, ADP helps you find the existing problems with yourself, get breakthrough in development, and regulate operation system.

Factory Quality Audit Program
ADP assesses factories' quality system, manufacturing processes and environmental responsibilities with pre-defined criteria to qualify, evaluate, and improve the functioning of suppliers.  The factory quality audit program is broken down into the following four steps.
1. Pre-qualifcation suppliers
2. Measurement of performance
3. Select key suppliers for consolidation
4. Quality management, risk management, and brand equity

Transport Insurance (By Sea, Land and Air):

All Risks Insurance, or Marine Insurance are recommended. Its liabilities are to compensate total or partial loss of the insured cargo either caused by perils of the sea or general extraneous risks during the course of transit.

a. For a Full Range of Logistics, Loading and Unloading and Storage services. 
b. Additional Customized Insurance

c. Irrespective of Percentage



Cargo Insurance:

A.Erection All Risks
The Erection All Risk is specifically designed to cover losses or damages to projects that involve the installation of plants, machinery and equipment ranging from the setting up of a single machine to a large power plant, covering various activities of installation, testing and commissioning of plants and equipments (except specific exclusions mentioned in the policy). 

B. Public Liability Insurance

C. Machinery Breakdown Insurance

D. Property Insurance

The property insurance provides protection against most risks linked to property, such as fire, theft and some weather damages throughout the entire shipping process. This includes specialized forms of insurance such as fire insurance, flood insurance, and earthquake insurance. There are 2 categories of property insurance—open perils and named perils. 



Export Credit Insurance:

A. Importer Credit Investigation
Premium rates depend on the importer's nationality, payment terms, accounts receivable, collection period, etc.

B. Short-term Export Credit Insurance to reduce risks of getting export proceeds
ADP export credit insurance covers the pre-shipment or post-shipment risk of the policy holder's specific installment payment contract.



Conventional Logistics :

Marine Transport, Land Transport and Air Transport;
Integrated logistics platform, leverages the existing resources, to decrease the logistics overall costs.



Extended Logistics:

A. Clearance Services

With the support of AA Customs Broker in ADP Group, we provide:Customs pre-coding of goods classified;Customs clearance


B. Warehousing and Distribution

Equipped with an advanced alarm system, barcode management system, terminal access, inventory management system to ensure the safety of the goods.



Special Logistics:

A. Charter and Container Transport: Charter and Full Container Load (FCL), Less-than Container Load (LCL)
B. Project Logistics
C. Automobile-based Logistics
D. Exhibition-specific Logistics 
E. Chemical and Hazardous Goods Logistics
F. Logistics Within or Outside of Free Trade Zone(FTZ) Regulations 



Logistic Solutions:

Thanks to its past experience, ADP provides speedy and flexible logistics solutions, establishes good cooperative relations within the whole supply chain, with upstream suppliers, manufacturers, distributors as well as downstream vendors. Our solutions include import, export, warehousing, distribution, and multi-modal transport, which aims to procure a “win-win” situation for all parties involved.
1. Logistic Solutions Design 
2. Logistic Solutions Implementation

Distribution Channel Assistance:

A. Distribution Channel Assistance for Goods Sold to China
B. Distribution Channel Assistance for Goods Sold from China

Machinery & Equipment Packing

一、Machinery & Equipment Packing

Large Industrial Equipment Packing

Precision Machinery Packing

二、On-site Packing

三、Supporting Services

Loading and Unloading, Lifting and Handing & Other Services 

Wastes Disposal, Destruction and Return Agency

一、Wastes Disposal, Destruction and Return Agency

二、 Wastes Recycling Agency

Legal and Consulting Services for Foreign Enterprise Investing in China

一、Legal and Consulting Services for Foreign Enterprise Investing in China

二、Legal and Consulting Services for Domestic Enterprise Investing in Overseas